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Let's Talk Allergies!

‼️Allergies & IBD‼️

Have you heard of 'hydrolyzed protein' before?!

Let's chat about allergies and IBD/IBS. It's more common in dogs and people these days... but we have solutions!!!

Diamond Care has a wonderful hydrolyzed protein diet that works well for dogs with food allergies, sensitivities and GI issues.

Here's how it works!

* Protein is a vital component to any diet! Your dog takes proteins from food and breaks them down into building blocks called Amino Acids, and they then combine those amino acids into new proteins... However in some animals, dietary proteins can trigger an abnormal immune response.

* A dog's gastrointestinal tract serves as a gatekeeper. It allows nutrients in, while fighting off disease-causing microorganisms and keeping out anything else that is potentially harmful... but sometimes it gets confused. Food sensitivities typically develop when the gut incorrectly starts identifying dietary proteins (like chicken, pork, etc) as a potential health risk and mounts an immune response against them.

* Hydrolysis uses water to chemically break the proteins down into pieces that are so small that the immune system no longer reacts to them!

Immune responses can include:

- Itchiness

- Hair loss

- Skin lesions

- Recurrent ear or skin infections

- Digestive issues such as vomiting, diarrhea or excessive gas

We also carry a number of supplements that can help soothe and heal the GI tract, as well as options to add additional micro-nutrients to a dogs diet.

Pop in or call us today if you have questions on a hydrolyzed protein diet for your dog!

~ Have a beautiful day!

Note: We always recommend seeing your veterinarian if you think your dog may have allergies or IBD.

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