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In store DOG BEDS
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We carry a wide variety of different collar styles for every type of dog.

Our in-store options include: 

  • Clip Collars

  • Martingale Collars 

  • Training Collars

  • Tactical Collars

  • Designer Collars

  • Light up (LED) Collars

  • Waterproof Collars  

  • Reflective Collars

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RC pets collar 2.jpg
walk in the bark collar 2.jpg
Crag Collar Ruffwear.jpg


RC pets training leash.jpg

We carry a wide variety different leash styles & lengths for every type of dog. 

Our in-store options include: ​

  • Handle Leashes

  • 4ft / 6ft / 10ft / 15ft / 25 ft / 30ft Leashes

  • Handsfree Leashes

  • Bungee Leashes

  • Extendable Leashes

  • Quick Draw Leashes

  • Waist Drawn Leashes

  • Utilitarian Leash/Collar Combination

RC Pets Leash.jpg
crag leasg.jpg
Boos Dog Tactical Leash.jpg
Walk in the bark leashh.jpg


Rocky mountain harness_edited.png

We carry a mix of different style harnesses for different styles of walking and training. 

Our in-store options include: 

  • Back-Clip/Step-In Harness

  • Control Harness

  • Front-Clip Harness

  • Dual Clip Harness

  • No Pull Harness

  • Tightening Harness

  • Head Halter Harness​

  • 5-Point/Flagline Harness

  • Lightweight Harness

Boss Dog Harness.jpg
RC Pets Harness .jpg
RC pets harness 2.jpg
Flagline harness ruffwear.jpg
Ruffwear Hi & Light harness.jpg


Coconu Collars Logo.png

Collars are made from high quality hardware including heavy-duty nylon webbing, heavy nickel plated welded

D-Rings, contoured side release buckles, and fashion forward cotton fabrics.

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Dr Roger and the team at

Halti have been creating the innovative and patented headcollars, no-pull harnesses and leads for over 35 years. Our award-winning no pull products blend smart design with comfort and safety, to bring the enjoyment back to your dog walk.

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