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Help Save Gingers Legacy!

Gingers Legacy is a wonderful, local charity that helps out seniors and disadvantaged folks keep their pets, pay vet bills and also helps re-home abandoned and/or abused animals. We are very sad to report that Gingers Legacy is at risk of closing for good! The founder, Bunnie Klassen has done SO much to build and grow Gingers Legacy to where it is today, but because of health issues, she is no longer able to perform the many duties associated in running a successful charity.

If you are interested in a rewarding volunteer position, please join us on Sunday, September 16th at 2pm in the Sam Steele room of the Days Inn in Cranbrook. where Bunnie will be discussing what it is she does and what would be required from volunteers, in order to keep Gingers Legacy running.

Please consider offering even a couple hours a week to help keep Gingers Legacy going!

Thank you!

~Erin & Brian

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