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TICKS! Tips to protect you and your pets!

The warmer weather is finally here... and with that comes an unfortunate pest, the TICK!

Ticks in our area have been proven to carry Lyme Disease!!! This disease is no joke, and can be absolutely debilitating. It is crucial to protect you and your pets. Health Canada has some info on Lyme Disease. Click here.

What can you do? Let's talk about some tips and tricks:

1) Call your veterinarian. It is very important for your pets to be protected from external parasites (such as Ticks, Fleas and Lice), as well as internal parasites (Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipmorms, etc). There are different options for parasite control, and your vet can give you options. We really like Bravecto for ticks. It's a simple pill given orally, every 3 months, that protects against those pesky external parasites. This however only covers external parasites, therefore other treatment is required to help prevent the internal parasites as well. Call your vet for more info, and they will get you on a set parasite control schedule that fits your pets lifestyle.

2) Do proper checks on yourself and your pets. After walks or hikes in the trees, long grass or anywhere wooded, do a thorough check for ticks. If you notice a tick on you or your pet, be SURE to remove it properly. We sell tick removing tools. Click here for a video on how to properly remove them. If your dog likes to graze on long fresh grass, don't forget to check inside their mouth, as they hide in the grass, and can burrow into the gums or the roof of the mouth.

3) Watch out for the 'Bullseye Rash'! If you get this rash, it is imperative that you see a doctor immediately, to get a course of antibiotics. This is the ONLY way to prevent chronic Lyme Disease. Once you have it, there is no cure. Click here for info on the Bullseye Rash

4) Essentail Oils are also a great option to keep ticks away. We do however always recommend a proper 'Parasite Control' schedule from your veterinarian. We carry a great product from Healing Hollow called Tick Tonic. We use it for us and our pets.

Lyme Disease is a very real threat here in town. We have found ticks right in our backyard here in town. Be sure to protect you and your pet!

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