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10 Fun Facts About Kitties!

Are you pretty knowledgeable when it comes to our feline friends?

Here are 10 fun facts about cats that you might not know:

1. Cats can’t taste sweet things

2. The patterns on their noses are unique, like a fingerprint

3. Cats can’t see directly below their nose

4. Kittens sleep so much because the growth hormone is only released when they sleep

5. Female cats are right-handed, male cats are left-handed

6. Female cats are called ‘Mollys’ and male cats are called ‘Toms’

7. Cats have three eyelids

8. Cats use their whiskers to judge whether they’ll fit through a space

9. The heaviest cat on record weighed over 21 kg (or 46 pounds). Cats usually weight 5kg (or 11 pounds) and under. Worth to note that this category has been discontinued to prevent overfeeding and obesity in pets.

10. Cats have excellent hearing and night vision

Have a beautiful day!

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