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Have you heard of the BC Pet Registry?

The BC Pet Registry is owned and operated by the BC SPCA and is the only provincial pet identification (ID) registry in British Columbia (B.C.), created solely for the purpose of ensuring that all companion animals find their way home when they stray or are lost!

By investing in permanent identification, BC Pet Registry aims to reverse a trend that sees thousands of animals enter shelters in our province each year, with no way to find their way home due to a lack of any form of permanent identification.

With close to 250,000 successful adoptions in the past ten years, the BC SPCA is the best placed organization in the province to create a more streamlined system to aid animal guardians should their pet ever be lost.

With a focus on microchipping, BC Pet Registry will record the permanent identification information (any microchip, tattoo, and/or license) of pets across the province. BC Pet Registry offers a centralized, secure database for guardians to register their pets, thereby ensuring that lost/stray animals will return home in greater numbers than ever before.

The BC SPCA is a registered not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing the quality of life for companion, farm and wild animals in British Columbia. Through its 42 locations and branches across the province, the BC SPCA provides a wide range of services and programs that assist tens of thousands of animals each year.

All cats/kittens and dogs/puppies adopted from a BC SPCA branch are automatically microchipped and registered with BC Pet Registry. For more information please visit BC SPCA.

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