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How much are you paying for your pets food?

Affordability is very important to us. We love our pets and of course want to feed them the best possible quality food! However, cost can also a concern. You may be surprised to hear that we have excellent high quality Canadian brands in store that are CHEAPER than some of the grocery store brands out there! We feel every pet should be able to have a high quality diet at a fair price. We have diets in store that start at $1.29/lb of food! Compare to your current brand, and pop in to discuss options for your furbabe. We have affordable options for pets with allergies as well. Many different protein options, grain free, etc.

Most grocery store brands have below-average levels of protein and fat, and above-average carbohydrate levels. Most ingredients are sub-par and the diets are lacking in important nutrients, vital for a healthy pet. Its important to give your them a properly balanced diet to ensure long term health and wellness.

Pop in and chat with us about the best option for you and your pet!

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