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Do you ever worry about your furry friend getting lost!?

No matter how careful we are, it happens. A door gets left open, a gate isn't locked, or a tasty squirrel catches your pets eye and boom... they are gone!

So how do we ensure we have the best chance to get our pets home safely? There are a few options we recommend:

1) ID Tags! We engrave ID tags IN STORE in 30 seconds for you! Having a tag on your pets collar with a phone number helps ensure you can be contacted the moment someone finds your beloved furbabe. If your pet goes missing on a weekend, when the City and sometimes other facilities can be closed for dropping off 'found' pets, an ID tag will allow the finder to contact you immediately!

2) Microchip and tattoo: While tattoos do tend to fade, microchips are a safer option, that will stay with your pet for their lifetime! They can be implanted at your vet clinic, and your pet does not usually need to be sedated for it to be implanted. Just be sure that if you move, or change your phone number or contact info, that you contact the microchip company to update your info!

3) City tag and licence: Its important to license your pet with the city you live in This allows the city to properly track demographics and also take in much needed funds to help support animal control and other associated costs. Also remember, if your pet is found and taken to the City and it is not licensed, there can be stiff fines and penalties for not having them registered. It is definitely worth the few dollars that it costs to register your furbabe.

4) Proper collar, leash, harness, fencing or invisible fencing: Having the right tools to ensure your pets doesn't run away is also important. If you are not able to have a fenced property, then the Invisible fence and controlled perimeter boundaries are a great option too! Call us for more info!

Stay safe! :)

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