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Did you know we offer Loyalty Rewards!?

💥Did you know we offer Loyalty Rewards!?💥

If you have already bought food from us, we are already tracking it for you!

We have a great system in place to perfectly and correctly track every bag of food you buy, and we are able to offer FREE bags with our Loyalty Rewards Program!

Our brands and Loyalty Rewards breakdown:

Canadian Naturals: Buy 10, get 1 FREE

Go!: Buy 12, get 1 FREE

NOW: Buy 12, get 1 FREE

Gather: Buy 12, get 1 FREE

Summit: Buy 12, get 1 FREE

Royal Canin: Buy 12, get 1 FREE

Fromm: Buy 12. get 1 FREE

Horizon Legacy: Buy 12, get 1 FREE

Horizon Pulsar: This is a bit different! There is no loyalty program for this diet, however this is a very high quality 100% Canadian diet with an exceptionally affordable price point!!! It is balanced just as other high quality comparable Canadian lines are, even using many of the same Canadian farms and companies to source ingredients, but at a significant savings!! We highly recommend Pulsar for its quality 100% Canadian ingredients and affordability!

We can also source many more brands for you, just call us and we can bring your food in for you!

Thank you for your continued support ❤️

Erin & Brian

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