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It's summer road trip time!

"Car ride!" you say... those 2 words are sweet music to most dogs! Our 3 doggies basically flip out and whine with delight at the mere mention of a car ride!

Summer travel by car is a great choice for pet owners, and one that many pets thoroughly enjoy. A car trip can be fun for both pets and their people, since it offers them an opportunity to view the scenery, travel at their own pace, and enjoy rest stops and walks along the way.

For a safe, fun road trip:

  • Make sure your pet is fit for traveling.

Older pets in particular, or those who have medical conditions, or anxiety should be examined by a vet prior to travel. If your pet shouldn't travel, or doesn't enjoy it, find a responsible and trusted kennel or pet-sitter. Another option for the anxious traveler is the PetZen oils we carry from Healing Hollow, or the De-stressing calming sprays and diffusers we carry as well. All have calming properties that help your pet relax on those long rides!

  • Take frequent rest stops

So that you and your pet can stretch your legs and take a bathroom break. Pets have been known to escape out the car door, so be sure they are securely restrained before opening the door.

  • Trrrrrryyyy to keep your pet in the back seat.

Now if you see us driving, you'll see at least 1, if not 2 doggies fighting for the golden throne that is the console... but it's of course safer for both of you if your pet is in the back, and will help to prevent them from distracting you or getting in the way in case you need to perform some emergency maneuvering.

Even though it is technically legal in BC, if it can be helped, please don't allow your pet to ride in the open bed of a pickup truck, even if leashed - many dogs have jumped or been thrown from the truck and suffered serious injury and even death.

  • Consider the use of a restraint.

such as a kennel or a pet seat-belt. It will offer extra protection in case of an accident, as well as prevent nervous or excitable pets from distracting the driver.

  • Don't let your pooch hang his head out the window for too long.

High wind speeds can dry their eyes out and flying debris can be kicked up from tires or it can fall off the car or truck in front of you. Any of this may hit your pet and can cause injury. We do have Doggles though, that help protect the eyes for such activities as this, quadding or riding on motor bikes!

  • Offer water regularly.

Pets can become dehydrated, just like we can. Keep a supply of cool water and a travel dish in the car. You can even freeze small containers of water for travel.

  • Keep your pet comfortable.

In warm weather, be aware that even a few minutes in a hot car can cause serious damage. It can even be fatal! Consider alternatives such as having a picnic instead of eating in a restaurant, or take turns staying with your pet if he cannot accompany you on an activity.

  • Bring appropriate documentation just in case you decide to cross the border. US border customs requires proof of Rabies vaccine on a signed certificate from your Vet

  • Make lodging plans in advance.

It can be a challenge to find rentals that will accept your pet, particularly at the last moment. By booking ahead, you will ensure that both you and your pet have a safe place to stay. Click here for a list of pet-friendly accommodations in Canada

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