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Beat the Summer Heat!

Here are just a few tips for a safe and healthy summer!

1) If you are heading out with your dog, remember to bring along water and a bowl for them to stay hydrated. Also be sure to check the asphalt. If it's too hot for your bare feet, it's too hot for their paws and they can suffer from painful burns! To check, hold your hand or foot against the asphalt for 7-10 seconds.

2) Don't rely on a fan: Dogs cool themselves by panting and sweating through their paws. Fans don't cool off pets as effectively as they do people.

2) Limit exercise on hot days: Adjust intensity and duration of exercise in accordance with the temperature. On very hot days, limit exercise to early morning or evening hours.

3) Don't leave pets unattended in vehicles: Temperatures inside a vehicle on a 25c degree day can soar to between 37c and 48c within minutes!

4) Dogs with flat faces and short noses, like Pugs, Bulldogs and Boston Terriers, are more susceptible to the heat because they don't pant as efficiently as breeds with longer noses.

5) Signs a dog is suffering from heat exposure:

• Excessive panting

• Excessive drooling

• Increased heart rate

• Trouble breathing

• Disorientation

• Collapse or loss of consciousness

• Seizure

• Respiratory arrest

We hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather and all the exciting outdoor adventures Kimberley has to offer! Stay safe everyone :)

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